NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we ship to Canada! There is a $60 flat rate shipping fee for orders shipped to Canada.

Outside the contiguous US and Canada? Request a quote via our Web Contact Form and we'll find the best rate from us to you. Make sure to include Name, Address, and a phone number (required by shippers).

Yes! We currently offer several Shop Pay options including Pay in 4 and Installments. You'll see links to ShopPay options at checkout.

If you select PayPalfor payment, you'll be able to request financing options once at the PayPal site.

NuChairs are built to order in America. Currently, order processing times are about 2-3 weeks. Times are subject to change based on current demand.

We have a 60-days money-back guarantee return policy. Terms apply. See our full return policy here.

Using NuChair

NuChair is fully-adjustable for seating height, seat angle, and front support position. We've tested extensively and have customers in a wide range of heights and body types. There is a 250 lbs. weight limit.

Not for everyone, but for some people, yes. If you're used to slouching and leaning back into your seat, your postural muscles have atrophied and lost strength. Sitting in your NuChair in neutral posture gently engages your postural muscles, strengthening them as you sit. You may feel some tightness and/or fatigue during the first 5-10 days. Once those muscles strengthen you won't notice it anymore. In fact you'll probably notice that your posture is stronger while standing and doing things other than sitting. So give it some time, even if you have to switch back and forth between your NuChair and your old chair for a while. It will be worth the effort!

NuChair's unique geometry does more than just provide a front support to lean on. NuChair maintains your standing posture, from your head down to your pelvis, while you sit. Automatically. This is called neutral posture. You'll feel the difference right away!

Yes! You might want to use your NuChair without the front support installed for a variety of reasons. Just loosen the set knob to remove it and sit down on the seat from the front. You'll still feel the comfort and relief that NuChair provides by seating you in neutral posture. And don't worry about sliding off, NuChair's seat is specially molded with multiple layers of foam and gel that keeps you snug and secure.

That's really a personal preference. Of course NuChair provides a healthier way to sit, putting you in better posture and promoting deeper breathing. But there might be times when you want to lay back in your easy chair and chill.

No. In fact, NuChair gives you more room when you're not sitting. Just spin NuChair around and it slides almost completely under your desk, with only the front support remaining. Or remove the upright and roll the stool completely under your desk, leaving room for another seating device or for standing.

If you're leaning forward too much, or looking down at your computer screen, you're not in a good ergonomic position. Try sitting in your NuChair with the front support removed, this will get you to find your natural balanced posture you have when standing. And raise your monitor up to eye level. If you work for hours on a laptop you should have a second monitor that sits at your eye level. You should do this no matter what chair you use.

Good ergonomic posture has to do with the natural balance and alignment of your spine and skeletal system. There are a lot of specific body parts and positions, here are a few key points to pay attention to when sitting:

• Head is neutrally balanced
• Chin is parallel to the floor
• Shoulders are even and neutral - not slouched forward
• Spine is neutral - no hunching or arching of the upper or lower back
• Upper arms hanging at your side, elbows directly below the shoulders, and hands parallel to or slightly lower than the elbows
• Hips/pelvis level and tilted slightly forward (as when you're standing)
• Knees slightly lower than your hips
• Feet flat on the floor
• You can also sit with your feet back and under your seat. This position will still maintain your spinal and core posture

NuChair will help you sit with good posture and you'll probably find visits due to sitting pain reduced or eliminated. But there are plenty of other things you may do that make it necessary. Plus, regularly visiting good Chiropractor/Physical Therapist can help with your overall physical health and wellbeing.

When you sit in conventional chairs you compress your lungs and ribcage by up to 80%! This lung compression results in less space for your lungs to expand when you breathe, reducing your body's oxygen intake. Sitting in NuChair expands your lungs, allowing deeper breathing and greater oxygenation. Some of the benefits are:

• Improved focus, concentration, and alertness
• Increased energy and productivity
• Reduced fatigue, you feel more refreshed through the day
• Faster recovery from workouts and heavy physical exertion
• Improved overall health

Learn more about the benefits of NuChair here.

Artists and Aestheticians

Absolutely!A good percentage of NuChairs sold to date have gone to artists like yourself. If your work/art requires you to lean forward and over your work, you're putting tons of stress on your back. NuChair's front support design reduces most of the stress on your back. And NuChair's patented seat geometry opens up your hip angle, alleviating the strain and stress on your lower back.

Heck yeah!Not only will you be able to sit for longer hours, more focused and alert and without the pain, NuChair will likely add years to your career by avoiding the game ending spinal damage that occurs to artists in your industry.

NuChair - Frequently Asked Questions

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