NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

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NuChair Is Made For You

Does your job involve sitting in front of a computer screenfor long hours? Have you ever noticed yourself leaning your head forward or slouching while sitting? If yes, you may have bad sitting posture.

Whether you work from home or in an office, the way you sit directly impacts both your productivity and well-being. If you're using a regular chair - that's the fastest ticket to back pain issues!

NuChair eliminates the cause of back pain by fixing your sitting posture with the help of its unique seat angle and front support.

A Healthier Way To Sit

When you sit in a conventional chair your pelvis tucks under, causing your lumbar spine to bend forward.

This compresses the front of the lumbar vertebrae, squeezing the disks between. The disks become irritated and inflamed, leading to the pain so many of us feel when we sit for extended periods.

NuChair eliminates this compression, so you can sit as long as you want!

It's Not Magic. It's Science.

The NuChair Difference

Instant Relief → No Back Pain → Better Health

This Chair Is Fantastic!

I've been using this wonderful chair - the NuChair. It's absolutely a new concept of how to sit and do your deskwork while maintaining proper alignment of your lower back. NuChair helps you keep your natural postural alignment with your knees, feet, ankles, and hips at 90 degrees. If you use NuChair in your daily sitting routine, you will have a good life with less pain!

- Dr. Colette Amit, PT, DPT, MSHA, ATP, Executive Director at Physical One, Plantation, FL

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