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NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Allana Robinson (Pembroke, ON)
Felt the difference right away

My existing office chair was awful and I always found myself slouching and unable to get comfortable while working at my desk. My lower back was screaming at me daily and I was having to break my focus frequently to give it a break. I’ve never really enjoyed sitting- I always liked to be prone on the floor or kneeling- but neither are practical while working! My husband actually said my old chair was “the worst thing to ever happen to your body.” Ouch. When I saw the Nuchair it looked exactly like what I’ve always wanted- a way to be in a more forward position at my desk. It came quickly, was delivered by 10am, and I had it together and in use by 10:15. I’d had one meeting before it arrived and was already in pain so I was extremely excited to use it the rest of the day. It was shocked how as soon as I had it adjusted to my liking, posture was easy. My shoulders automatically went down. My lower back pain disappeared. I was able to set my keyboard back further on my desk- better supporting my wrists. I started my next meeting and worked clear through the afternoon without breaking concentration. I forgot lunch! When my husband got home and saw me sitting in it he immediately commented how nice and straight I was sitting. I’ve NEVER been so comfortable at a desk! And after I finally stood up my back felt better than it has in ages. I think this is going to be a game changer not only for my body but my productivity!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Lael Fremaux Seltzer (Albany, CA)
Not for most tattoo artists

Just didnt align with my needs as a tattooer. Also I am tall and the chest plate did not raise high enough for me-- instead it just pushed into my stomach. I can see how this product would be great for some folks-- but I don't recommend it for most tattoo artists (especially if you run your machine with a pedal).

Hi Lael, I'm sorry NuChair is not for you. I don't think there is any product that fits everyone, so thanks for trying. I wish we could have given you some guidance, the front support is meant to make contact with the stomach up to the base of sternum, although some do boost it up to the chest. Please feel free to reach out to us any time.
BTW, we have a lot of customers who are tattoo artists. I'm surprised that you feel NuChair is not for tattoo artists, but we still value your opinion.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Andrea Goldklang (Atlanta, GA)

We LOVE this chair!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Jessica Clark (Winterville, GA)
Worth EVERY Penny

I’m a tattoo artist with scoliosis. The first time I used this chair I felt better after the tattoo than I did before. It’s increased my ability to work at least 50% longer. If you’re on the fence, just do it.

Thank you so much Jessica. It's always heart warming to hear we're helping.

NuChair - Breathable Fabric
Marjonie Gabriel (Des Moines, IA)
Great concept!

Still getting used to it and wish the front support had a little more side padding, but I really do like it. I did order the fabric and received the vinyl instead. Not fatal but a bit slippery and warm in the summer months.

Hi Marjonie, thank you very much for the honest review. I was shocked when I saw you got the wrong materials. I checked and verified that the mistake was here in the office, not in manufacturing. We'll be glad to take care of it for you, I'll email you right away.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Daniel Stimson (Broxbourne, ENG)
Dan - Tattooist in UK

I’m 48, been tattooing for a number of years, began noticing lower back pain & hip pain couple of years ago, tried multiple different stools & chairs, some helped a bit, the chest plate straddle style ones helped my back but made my hips worse as the seat part had no tilt, so leaning fwd, even with the chest support just seemed to transfer the pressure to my hips.. I entertained getting the Tatsoul chair, which had good reviews, but I noticed a few online reviews from people who had owned the Tatsoul, who had switched to the NuChair.. I made a decision to go for the NuChair as it had the tilt system and was balanced so it wouldn’t fall over if you were at max tilt.

Ok.. you know when you’ve got a tooth ache.. it’s horrible, but, as soon as the pain goes, you forget very quickly that you were in pain - well that’s pretty much what my experience has been, I’ve only had the NuChair for 10days and I realised a few days ago that my back pain has completely gone, like COMPLETELY.. exactly like my toothache analogy .. I’d forgotten that I’d been in pain.. so glad I invested, I was saying to my partner yesterday that it’s the best investment I’ve made in a while, comfort and health.. our backs are 5he core of our bodies.. as tattooists we think nothing of spending £1000 on the latest machine.. but neglect our bodies.. I believe this chair will give me longevity as an artist plus save me needing back or neck surgery in the future. Couldn’t be more satisfied

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
carlie Salt (Wolverhampton, ENG)
Best chair ever

I am absolutely in love with my Nuchair, worth every penny, so easy to assemble, amazingly comfortable super cushioned and love all the movement options of height, tilt and the chest rest. The company were also super helpful and informative. Definitely worth buying one of these. Thanks NuChair youve saved my back/neck/legs from all the pain.

Thank you Carlie, it means a lot to us to hear that.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Ami Dave (Toronto, ON)
Amazing chair!

This chair is awesome! Lots of different ways you can sit on this chair. Definitely helped me alleviate my back pain from tattooing long hours!

Thanks Ami, very much appreciated.

Well worth the cost

Tattoo artist of 27 years. Been using this chair for about 6 months. I had persistent back pain from poor posture with using normal chairs over the years. It took a few days to get used to the different sitting position, but I refuse to work without this chair now. Well worth the cost, extremely well built. If you suffer from back issues, Nuchair is definitely an investment you will not regret.

Thanks very much Jeff. I am amazed at the trauma you and your brothers and sisters in the arts put your backs through, for the love of the art.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Samantha Rinker (Manchester, NH)
Helped my back

I’ve been a lash artist for 12 years and my lower back has reminded me of this more than it should and I’ve gone through 5 stools in the past year to help and nothing has. Nuchair has improved the strain on my lower back and I don’t have constant discomfort there as much. I do see a chiropractor regularly but this is the first time since investing in Nuchair and my visits to the chiropractor that I actually feel long term relief. And I never usually write reviews of anything but I felt I needed to share because I’m that thrilled.

That really means a lot to us Samantha, thanks so much.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Hector Zavala (Los Angeles, CA)
Absolutely Comfortable

I was skeptical of the videos and advertisement but I can say as a real person and non endorsed client, that this is an amazing purchase and glad to say that I can extend my tattoo session by more than a few hours when it boils down to fatigue and to the posture correction abilities of this item. Thank you!

Thank you very much Hector. I'm so glad that NuChair has been able to affect you in a positive way.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Shelbie Bowling (Dallas, TX)
Absolutely Amazing!!

These chairs are super comfy!! We purchased them for our tattoo artist, who often times are sitting for 6+ hours and suffer from really bad back pain. So far my artist have loved them and say it definitely helps with comfortability!

Thanks very much Shelbie. For all of us at NuChair, those are wonderful words!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Dean Manus (Glendale, CA)
Exceeded Expectations

The price point was high, but I have been nothing but elated with the back relief during long seated sessions (both tattoo and surgical). This is an unbiased, unpaid review, and I do endorse this product without reservation. I’ve had spinal surgery, and it is a Godsend for me.

Thank you. That's truly a reward far greater than any other for us.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
David Duchene (Edmond, OK)
Best chair I’ve ever used in over 20 years tattooing!

Great design and extremely comfortable. It’s wonderfully crafted and highly adjustable. Worth every penny!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Maiah Bennett (Eureka, CA)
Love this chair!

I have been using my nuchair for about 2 weeks now and I already can feel a huge improvement in my back pain. I got this chair because my chiropractor recommended sitting on a towel or small pillow to help elongate my spine while tattooing, and this chair is designed to do just that! It is incredibly comfortable and very solid quality. It had a small learning curve with how to sit in it properly and adjust it, but the videos they had on YouTube were very helpful and I had a brief zoom meeting with Mike that helped confirm I was using it correctly. 10/10 customer service and quality, I highly recommend this chair.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Iain Henderson (Central Coast, NSW)
NuChair for a dentist

After using a saddle seat for the past 12 years I needed an upgrade. I was almost about to get a new saddle seat then came across this design. After 3 weeks of use working on patients I have no regrets of purchasing this rather than a saddle seat as my core does not get tired as quickly!

Thank you Iain, so glad you NuChair is helping!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Meredith Walker (Parksville, BC)
Helping save my back while I tattoo

I’ve used my chair for a week and love it. I’m more aware of my posture and my lower back isn’t fatigued like it was. There are plenty adjustment options to customize the position to a perfect fit, and the arm rest helps stabilize my arm while tattooing. The seat is well padded and a generous size but not cumbersome. There was a small tear on the front cushion when I unboxed it and Mike offered right away to replace the piece without any hassle to me of shipping the damage piece back. My only complaint is when I shift my weight (I’m a 125lbs) it makes a creaking sound. This isn’t ideal as my clients often fall asleep and the sound is enough to wake someone. Overall I feel this is a sound investment and very happy with the chair.

Hi Meredith, I'm very glad your NuChair is helping. That's the first I've heard of the creaking sound. Let's see if we can get that fixed for you. We'll reach out to you by email today.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Austin Ball (Québec, QC)
At first I was like hmm, then I was like whoa! I can tattoo all day in this thing

Thanks so much for the rapid response. Honestly, I am extremely impressed with your customer service and wanted you to know it is very much appreciated and it really is great to see a company that works this hard to please its customers. It also is very reassuring seeing a company display confidence in their product and is able to respond with descriptive and educational response, to effectively troubleshoot the potential issues. I feel like you guys deserve a well thought out response for the effort you put into your operation.

Thanks so much Austin, so glad you got the Woah! And thanks for the appreciation. Our goals are the best quality product, the best possible customer service, and a solution that actually works.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
India Scott (Portsmouth, RI)
Great chair!

Awesome chair that really helps my posture while working. My only criticism would be to possibly make the seat itself a bit more narrow. As a shorter person sometimes getting out of the chair is difficult because of how wide it is. That aside, it’s a well made product and has helped a ton with my hip and lower back pain.

Thanks for the review India, relieving your back and hip pain is what we live for. We're working on a smaller seat option, it should be available 1st or 2nd quarter of 2023. We're going to a make it easy for existing customers to retrofit. Please keep in touch, and keep enjoying your NuChair!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Elizabeth Bousman (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Versatile and comfortable!

I've have this chair for several months now and have truly enjoyed the experience. I love how adjustable it is per person and having the choice to use the front rest or not is great for different positions! It is plush and is not easily worn down and has a nice wide seat that leaves me feeling balanced. After using it vs other chair types, this has helped my back and posture while tattooing tenfold. Big investment for a big gain! Thanks Nuchair, would definitely recommend!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Sean Green (Dallas, TX)
I can definitely tell a difference

I would say a solid 4 out of 5. I sit about 8 hours a day. Saving my back one day at a time. The only reason I'm not throwing a solid 5 ,is a small corner on the back came untucked. It shouldn't be a big deal, but my OCD says otherwise. Love the chair.

Thanks Sean! I'm glad we can help save your back. As for the untucked corner, that should be covered under warranty. I'll send you an email now to get the process started.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Hayley Waldner (New Orleans, LA)
Great chair

For tattooing it’s been so helpful on my back.

Thanks very much Hayley!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Trei Post (Sneads Ferry, NC)
Worthwhile Investment

I started my tattoo apprenticeship at the beginning of this year, and ordered a NuChair a couple months in. The difference I noticed in stability and body fatigue were significant enough in the first few days that I knew the benefits were going to make the purchase worth it. I'm happy with this product and look forward to being able to tattoo for years to come without all the pains and aches that generally come along with this career.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Malakai Messina (South Plainfield, NJ)
Didn’t like at first…

I hated it at first but now I love it! I was sitting in it the wrong way. I thought he sat in it like a regular chair and when I did that it made my legs go numb. Another artist told me to sit on it backwards like in your pictures which I didn’t even think to look at. I only bought the chair from a recommendation from my friends without even seeing how to use it. Then when I learned how to sit on the right way I couldn’t breathe that first the chest plate was jamming me right my diaphragm and I was like… Who the hell can Tattoo with this chair I was gonna really throw it out into the street but then I sat on it the right way and I accidentally pull the lever that allowed the chair to adjust to where the chest pad moved into a much more comfortable position so now it’s a pleasure to sit on LoL definitely worth the money. I’m a big boy 230 pounds so sometimes it’s a little hard for me to get out of the chair but if I put it down low it’s easy to get out of. I’m just lazy but I love the chair thank you so much this blows away anything Tatsoul sells and definitely is better than anything relax the back of sells

Thanks much for sticking with it Malakai. Shortly before shipping, we send out emails with instructions on using your NuChair and how the adjustments work, with links to videos. However not everyone reads all the emails they get, as bombarded as we are with them nowadays. Your comments really drive home the point that we need to put more literature in the boxes that NuChairs ship in. I'm going to make sure it gets done right away. Thanks for the eye opener, and all the best.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Castro (Los Angeles, CA)
Wouldnt be able to tattoo without it

This chair was a game changer for me. Was hesitant for a bit to order cause it seemed a bit pricey. But after using it, i wish i would have ordered it sooner. Great investment for tattoo artists

Thanks Castro, I'm really glad you took the chance with us.