NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!


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NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Lasting Image Tattoo ---Bryan Anastasio (Birdsboro, PA)

Great for my back

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Teresa Hatter (Markham, ON)
LOVE this chair!

I have only had my chair a couple of weeks, but I am LOVING it so far!
I find the base pretty big, but I understand why, and am adjusting to it.
Will be happy to recommend to anyone who needs back relief!

Thanks much for your feedback Teresa. We've found that some people do have a short period of adjustment when using their NuChair. It's different than the rest, and you're using postural muscles that are often neglected and atrophied from using conventional chairs. The result of becoming accustom to NuChair is improved and strengthened posture. Thanks again and enjoy!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Rebecca M Senesac (Falmouth, ME)
NuChair is awesome!

Bought this chair for my son for his birthday. He's loving it! It has saved his back and he's raving about the chair. We will be getting him another one to have when he is working on the east coast. It's that great of a chair!

Super, thanks very much Rebecca!

Was initially going to sell it but now I've found the right adjustment and now i love it.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Angela Work (Billings, MT)

I’m a tattoo artist and this chair has a way smaller footprint than other similar chairs I’ve bought, so much less bulky but just as supportive and comfortable , I love it!

Thanks Angela! We're blessed to be able to help you and so many others.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Manuel Midkiff (Fernley, NV)
Amazing so far!

Chair was easy to assemble. Getting used to the tilt is a little tricky because of the angle but once you find it, you can feel your lower spine tilt and the pressure leaves your tender bits. I use the chair in my tattoo shop, it's made sitting still for 4 to 6 hours at a time much more tolerable on my back. I was worried about quality, but this chair is beefy and sturdy. I've had it for a week and used it about 24 hours of sitting time so far. AWSOME CHAIR!

Thanks so much Manuel, I'm glad we are helping!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Erika Martinez (Fort Worth, TX)
Has helped my lower back !

At first I was a little hesitant, but I was in desperate help , I work sitting down & I couldn't work a couple hours anymore before my lower back was killing me , after getting my nu chair the pain tremendously DECREASED! I'm so happy literally one of the best investments I've made

That's wonderful to hear Erika, it really means the world to us.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Shaun Freeland (Traverse City, MI)
Amazing chair

I’m a tattoo artist and I have to say this is probably the best chair I have owned, extremely comfortable, very well made, only complaint is that for quality and price the wheels should be just as impressive as the rest, I replaced the wheels as soon as I removed the chair from the box. That was the only disappointment I have. Replaced them with roller blade wheel style.

Thank you Shaun! We are looking for caster options that will conform to our ANSI/BIFMA testing.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Valeria Villela (Cleburne, TX)
Good chair

Back does not hurt as much. Good chair.

Thank you Valeria!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
kirsty Mckenna (Burlington, ON)
Happy with my purchase.

After getting used to it I found I could tattoo longer than normal (usually my back and hips hurt after 4 hours)! Chair feels sturdy but due to large size it’s not ideal for small areas. Very comfortable. Easy to put together and clean.

Chest rest gave me a light bruise but way better than the back and hip pain I was suffering from.

Thank you Kirsty! So glad to be able to help get rid of the back pain. If you haven't found settings for reducing the chest irritation, we'll be glad to schedule a 1 on 1 video call to help with adjustments. Just email support and we'll get back to you asap!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Rae Kelly (Seattle, WA)
Very relieving

I had a bad back to begin with, and, tattooing for 10 years hasn’t helped anything. I like the posture of this chair- it takes a lot of pressure off the hips, and being able to lean forward helps with my upper back and shoulder muscles. Definitely less fatigued at the end of the day.

Thank you Rae, that's wonderful to hear. Much appreciated!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Aaron Williams (Chicago, IL)
Awesome chair!

I have back issues that I’m trying to get rectified. So far my posture is way better in just a week and a half. I have had several questions and anyone I have talked to about the product as well as adjusting the chair to my needs. Glad to know there is a company to meet the needs of many different professions. Excited for the future. Thank you!

Thanks Aaron, we try to meet our goals every day of integrity, high quality product, and the best customer service possible.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Sophie Hard (Austin, TX)
Back saver for tattoo artist

Im an eyebrow tattoo artist and my back was killing me. The chest support makes a huge difference. I am 5'6", and I do wish the chair bumped up a little taller, but if I had an electric bed it would solve this problem

Thank you Sophie!!

Great for my back

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Shannon Salaman (West Richland, WA)
Finally…A chair that helps ease my back pain!

Great Chair…just a few minutes to assemble. I am a feet sitter so it took a few days to get used to sitting straight. It’s been two weeks and I love it. Less back pain…Many thanks!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Justin Carpenter (Concord, NC)

I’ve had so many back issues and pain from tattooing. I’m glad I’ve found NuChair. It’s helped tremendously. Would recommend to anyone who sits for long periods of time.

Thank you Justin, we're blessed to be able to help.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Michelle Chapman (El Cajon, CA)
Back Saver

I’m so glad I was recommended to purchase the NuChair. I am an apprentice tattoo artist and realized quickly that a chair that provided back support would be a necessity. Having the NuChair lets me concentrate on my art rather than squirming around to find a better position to relieve any uncomfortableness from sitting too long. Thank you

Thank You, Michelle!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Shannon Millican (Columbus, GA)
Esthetician approved!

I love this chair! I am an esthetician and lash artist. This chair has saved my back from hours of hunching over clients! If you are on the fence, just go for it!

Thank you Shannon, we're lucky to be able to help so many wonderful people like yourself.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Dr. Maykel Jimenez (Bakersfield, CA)
Great product!

I would recommend to any of my patients with lower back pain that sit for long periods.

Love my chair 💯

NuChair - Breathable Fabric
Nicole C Dillon (East Haven, CT)
Highly Recommend NuChair

Purchased my NuChair weeks ago. Super easy setup. I have suffered from back and neck pain for years. I work from home and I could not find an office chair to help with the pain. NuChair is revolutionary. I am comfortable and it has helped with the tightness and pain in my neck and back while working.

Thank you Nicole, so glad we can help!

Tattoo Chair

Love the chair except it doesn't go low enough for some work that I have to perform.

Thanks so much Julie. We may have a solution for you, please email us.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
k (San Antonio, TX)

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)

Best chair for tattooing!!! I’ve been using it for almost a year, and I don’t know what m back would do without it!!!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
April Brand (Dallas, TX)
Great chair, wrong color sent

Love the chair but I ordered the American Beauty (red) one and they sent a black chair. I don’t have the time or resources to send this black one back for them to exchange it for a red one as I ordered.

DOH! Sorry, we hate when mistakes happen. Thanks for letting us know, our top notched customer service has gotten you the correct colors. Again my apologies, and enjoy your NuChair!