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NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Danny Greenhalgh (Bettendorf, IA)
Love it ...But it has issues

Love the chair... Hate the wheels and already have replaced them with the roller blade style wheels... Also the back rest or front rest stem of the chair should not go down so far to get hung up in the base...I've already scratched a mark in mine from it...Back pain is virtually gone...Usually have to take pain meds to get through the day..but haven't taken anything in the last week using this chair. I've have been tattooing for 48years now since i was 16...with all of the sitting and little activity over last 15 years I've gained some weight...My biggest was 320 I've lost about 50lbs so far...With all of the sitting and the pressure from that I've gained some prostate issues...With the tilted position and my hips being in more of a standup position it takes the pressure off my groin area and is helping with my prostrate heath immensely. The chair overall is amazing and really helps.. Just a few few things the engineers might look into and make some changes that are noted in the beginning of the comment.. God Bless your all in the your personal journey to good heath in the craft we all love.. Thank you NuChair It's been a life changer for me.

Thanks Danny, so glad NuChair is helping with your back pain! Sorry we don't have caster options yet, but as you found they're easy to change out. We're limited by our BIFMA testing, hopefully we can offer some options soon. As for your issue with the riser, that's the only time we've been informed of it. I'll pass this on to the design team. Thanks again!

So, I found it hard to find a position that was comfortable. I have shorter legs, so getting on and off the chair has been challenging. Also the drop riser is very thick so it makes it harder to lash my clients because of the gap between myself and my esthetics bed!. The wheels stick out far and I'm always getting caught up on them when I try to get off the chair. On the plus side, I've had less pain as a lash technician. My hips and lower back feel better using the chair. I purchased the leather one, so it makes cleaning a breeze. The chair is a great concept. I will update in the weeks to come once I find a good position. I may need to switch the drop riser.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Sharon Bossler (Plymouth, WI)

I like the chair,I use mine for sewing.I make a lot of quilts so the only problem I have is the fabric in front of me where the part of the chair is against my chest.I just have to tweak it a bit to get the right adjustments yet,but I can tell the difference from my old office chair.

HI Sharon, thanks for the review. There are some adjustment tweaks we may be able to help you with. Please contact us to schedule a zoom call and we can go over some fine tuning with you 1 on 1.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Tamara Woolley (Nephi, UT)
Saved my back

I love the NuChair. I noticed a difference in the way my back felt immediately. I would recommend this to anyone who has to sit all day in their job. I’m a permanent makeup artist and this chair is made very well, of great material, and very sturdy. The adjustment features are great, especially since I’m under 5’. It’s hard to find a chair that fits me well lol.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Stormy Summer (Fort Collins, CO)

Absolutely amazing! The quality of the chair is superb.

Hard to sit on if hip or back issues material very scratchy

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
A.L. (Richmond, CA)
It was a journey but now loving it

First, my initial review of this chair was negative. I had researched the chair and others on the market for six months. I was hopeful, after communicating with Mike at Nu Chair, that it would work for me (esp since my old chair was falling apart, literally, pieces of the fake leather seat were flaking all over our home, and the arms were so wobbly, I am quite sure the screws had become stripped). When it arrived, the box was torn, part of the high riser lift was sticking out of the side, and the top was also crushed in the move. So, I felt stuck; if I could not adjust, I could not send it back (given the original box's shape). I read on Nu Chair's website to give myself two weeks to settle into the chair, which I did. The first two weeks were not good. I felt at times nauseous, and my pinched nerve, then my lower and upper back, were in a lot of pain. My husband and I considered buying a new desk since the height of my old one and the chair seemed to be causing a lot of issues, and I noted that the desk we have in our living room did not give me the same problems as the one I used during the day. We did not find a desk that would work and returned home empty-handed. I was very depressed because the chair was an investment when one factors the price. I would not be able to return it, and I had hoped to find something that would work for me, especially since I am not tall and the Nu Chairs riser feature allowed me to sit with both feet on the floor. My husband then suggested using the riser feature to raise and lower the chair depending on which desk I was sitting at. After a week of doing this, I found one day, after sitting there for a considerable amount of time, that for the first time, I did not have any pain.
Since then, I have also found when doing my aerobics that my lower back on the right side, which always hurt during one exercise, has not been giving me as much pain, and sometimes none at all. I do not know if it is the result of Nu Chair, but this has been a more than pleasant surprise. I encourage anyone who buys the chair to give it more than two weeks to adjust and to play with the features to see what works for you. I want to add that the chair is extremely well-made, and I can see it lasting for at least fifteen years.
Further, Mike at Nu Chair, who helped answer questions, was very professional and helpful and never pressured me. If I have one thing to suggest, it would be to package it better in terms of how it is put in the box and shipped. If the chair had not worked out for me, I would have had to sell it on eBay or elsewhere. Considering the shape it arrived in, I feel lucky that it was not damaged in the move. Overall, though, I am very pleased and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chair to alleviate back pain (especially if you need the ability to adjust the seat to accommodate your size or height).

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Katherine Leeper (Ankeny, IA)
Best chair around

I’m a tattoo artist and I can say this chair is saving me. I was previously using another ergonomic chair that was a saddle seat. It really did a number to my hips and low back. The second I sat in the Nuchair I felt instant relief. It keeps me in a neutral
Position and takes all the pressure off my hips and low back. I can be in it all day long and not be sore. I love how versatile it is with its positioning options and it is super easy to clean. Thank you!!

Thank you so much Katherine for your amazing review, we're so blessed to help. I've heard that many times about the saddle chairs, that input was used during NuChair's development stage. We wanted a seat you could sit in all day and not feel any 'hot spots' or pain. Please send us some photos, we''ll mention you in our social media posts!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Luvia Petersen (Bowen Island, BC)
Great quality chair that offer support!

Fantastic chair. Expensive especially since we shipped it to Canada. That said, if it lasts for years to come it will be worth the price.

Thank you so much Luvia for the wonderful review. Rest assured, your NuChair was built with top quality components and materials that are made to outlast our 5 year warranty.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Rebecca Storer (Montreal, QC)
Good chair - could be even better though!

Good material. Solid and easy clean.

Framework of chair is solid as well as the base.

Lots of adjustment choices to suit multiple positions and uses.

Very cushiony!

The wheels suck...for the price of the chair...the wheels are garbage.

The framework of the base has semi sharp metal corners...not comfy for feet getting snagged!! Needs a better design.

Wouldnt take much of a design change to make the chair more comfortable to sit in in the "backwards" ( normal ) position. Too bad.

The springs on the adjusting tabs are super strong and can hurt the fingers if you loosely hold them to adjust.

In general, Im happy with it. But it could be a lot better! Im on the fence if its worth the price to be honest.

Thanks very much for your review and advice Rebecca. We spent years designing and prototyping NuChair, and finished with a top seating design engineer team. The items you mention were considered.
The casters could be much more expensive, but that would result in an increased price. We reviewed after 1000 chairs sold, and since we only had a handful of comments about the casters we use (and by the way they're very easy to replace) we stayed with what we have since it make the chair more affordable to more people.
NuChair's design, from the geometry to the hidden contours in the seat, is to create superior ergonomic positioning for the user. Since the range of angles is limited, we went for the optimum position when used as it is intended. Many people still sit backwards in it, but the benefits are lost.
The springs are stiff for safety reasons, use the palm or fingertips to push down, curl your fingers under the paddles to lift.
Thanks again, and please let us know how your back is feeling!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Lasting Image Tattoo ---Bryan Anastasio (Birdsboro, PA)

Great for my back

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Teresa Hatter (Markham, ON)
LOVE this chair!

I have only had my chair a couple of weeks, but I am LOVING it so far!
I find the base pretty big, but I understand why, and am adjusting to it.
Will be happy to recommend to anyone who needs back relief!

Thanks much for your feedback Teresa. We've found that some people do have a short period of adjustment when using their NuChair. It's different than the rest, and you're using postural muscles that are often neglected and atrophied from using conventional chairs. The result of becoming accustom to NuChair is improved and strengthened posture. Thanks again and enjoy!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Rebecca M Senesac (Falmouth, ME)
NuChair is awesome!

Bought this chair for my son for his birthday. He's loving it! It has saved his back and he's raving about the chair. We will be getting him another one to have when he is working on the east coast. It's that great of a chair!

Super, thanks very much Rebecca!

Was initially going to sell it but now I've found the right adjustment and now i love it.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Angela Work (Billings, MT)

I’m a tattoo artist and this chair has a way smaller footprint than other similar chairs I’ve bought, so much less bulky but just as supportive and comfortable , I love it!

Thanks Angela! We're blessed to be able to help you and so many others.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Manuel Midkiff (Fernley, NV)
Amazing so far!

Chair was easy to assemble. Getting used to the tilt is a little tricky because of the angle but once you find it, you can feel your lower spine tilt and the pressure leaves your tender bits. I use the chair in my tattoo shop, it's made sitting still for 4 to 6 hours at a time much more tolerable on my back. I was worried about quality, but this chair is beefy and sturdy. I've had it for a week and used it about 24 hours of sitting time so far. AWSOME CHAIR!

Thanks so much Manuel, I'm glad we are helping!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Erika Martinez (Fort Worth, TX)
Has helped my lower back !

At first I was a little hesitant, but I was in desperate help , I work sitting down & I couldn't work a couple hours anymore before my lower back was killing me , after getting my nu chair the pain tremendously DECREASED! I'm so happy literally one of the best investments I've made

That's wonderful to hear Erika, it really means the world to us.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Shaun Freeland (Traverse City, MI)
Amazing chair

I’m a tattoo artist and I have to say this is probably the best chair I have owned, extremely comfortable, very well made, only complaint is that for quality and price the wheels should be just as impressive as the rest, I replaced the wheels as soon as I removed the chair from the box. That was the only disappointment I have. Replaced them with roller blade wheel style.

Thank you Shaun! We are looking for caster options that will conform to our ANSI/BIFMA testing.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Valeria Villela (Cleburne, TX)
Good chair

Back does not hurt as much. Good chair.

Thank you Valeria!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
kirsty Mckenna (Burlington, ON)
Happy with my purchase.

After getting used to it I found I could tattoo longer than normal (usually my back and hips hurt after 4 hours)! Chair feels sturdy but due to large size it’s not ideal for small areas. Very comfortable. Easy to put together and clean.

Chest rest gave me a light bruise but way better than the back and hip pain I was suffering from.

Thank you Kirsty! So glad to be able to help get rid of the back pain. If you haven't found settings for reducing the chest irritation, we'll be glad to schedule a 1 on 1 video call to help with adjustments. Just email support and we'll get back to you asap!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Rae Kelly (Seattle, WA)
Very relieving

I had a bad back to begin with, and, tattooing for 10 years hasn’t helped anything. I like the posture of this chair- it takes a lot of pressure off the hips, and being able to lean forward helps with my upper back and shoulder muscles. Definitely less fatigued at the end of the day.

Thank you Rae, that's wonderful to hear. Much appreciated!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Aaron Williams (Chicago, IL)
Awesome chair!

I have back issues that I’m trying to get rectified. So far my posture is way better in just a week and a half. I have had several questions and anyone I have talked to about the product as well as adjusting the chair to my needs. Glad to know there is a company to meet the needs of many different professions. Excited for the future. Thank you!

Thanks Aaron, we try to meet our goals every day of integrity, high quality product, and the best customer service possible.

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)
Sophie Hard (Austin, TX)
Back saver for tattoo artist

Im an eyebrow tattoo artist and my back was killing me. The chest support makes a huge difference. I am 5'6", and I do wish the chair bumped up a little taller, but if I had an electric bed it would solve this problem

Thank you Sophie!!

Great for my back