NuChair - Breathable Fabric

Fabric is a popular choice for office chairs because it is breathable, allowing long hours of sitting while staying cool and comfortable. Fabric also grips tight weave clothing such as Spandex better, holding you firmer on NuChair's angled seat.

NuChair is the first chair to relieve back pain by eliminating the cause of the pain, by maintaining your standing posture while you sit. Comfortably. Effortlessly. Automatically. Don't live another day with the pain, it's not worth it. Order your NuChair today!

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Color: Raven
Financing Info

Notice: due to a high demand, order processing time is currently 3-4 weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing our best to get your NuChair to your door as fast as we can!

If you finance your purchase with Affirm, your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.

360° View

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NuChair Benefits

NuChair eliminates sitting back pain by maintaining your standing POSTURE, from you head down to your pelvis, while you are sitting. Comfortably and effortlessly. No other chair design does this.

Total relief. No back pain. Better health!

Yes, better health. Your posture in NuChair expands your lungs, promoting deeper breathing, This results in increased energy, alertness, and immunity. And you'll recover faster from workouts too.

NuChair Benefits

Fully Adjustable & Easy to Use!

Using NuChair is as easy as any regular office or gaming chair. There are 3 levers underneath the seat that adjust height, front support, and seat angle. It only takes a few seconds to adjust your NuChair for the most comfortable and healthy sitting experience you'll ever have!

Fabric Or Vinyl

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Robinson (Mason, OH)
Jake @ Infinity ink tattoos

This chair is unbelievable no back pain it is so comfortable and believe it or not you can sit in it like a regular chair or you can have the support bar on your chest or your back it is a very comfortable chair for the adjustable in all directions.

Elizabeth Johnson (Lewisville, TX)
Great for posture

This chair is great and has help my posture be better even while after using it. I do wish it could drop lower to the ground, and go higher for tattooing. I also wish the chest plate could have more room for thick thighs(I'm a 2x and fit fine, but anyone larger I would be hesitant) and that the chest plate angle was adjustable. All that being said, totally worth the price and so so helpful. Great materials, wheels glide super nicely.

Robbie Tomkins (Dauphin, MB)
Everything I had hoped!

Great chair! Takes alot of stress off the back. It's very comfortable. Glad I made the purchase. Hoping for more years Tattooing!

James Simpson (Dallas, TX)

Very nice chair and have used it extensively since the day I got it uniquely made best purchase I've made thank you very much

Thanks much James, helping people is the best part of my job. If you ever need any help with using your NuChair or the adjustments we'll be glad to help. We can even schedule a Zoom call to help you fine tune your seating positions and adjustments.

Laurie-michele Mimeault (Cumberland, ON)
Yay my back!!

I’m quite small and have a hard time finding a chair where my feet touch the ground. This one does the job as well as providing support when I’m tattooing! It gives my back a break from curling up like a shrimp! Love it!

Awesome Laurie-Michele, so glad to hear that. Please send us some photos of you at work and we'll post them on our Instagram feed. Keep in touch.