NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

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NuChair Is Made For You

Whether you are a dentist,a dental hygienist, or work in an administrative role, you probably spend a sizable chunk of your day sitting. The nature of your work requires intent concentration, so you can't spare the time thinking about your posture.

This is why NuChair is such a perfect fit for you. No more constant adjustments, just sit and focus on the patient! NuChair puts you in the correct posture automatically!

NuChair eliminates the cause of back pain by fixing your sitting posture with the help of its unique seat angle and front support.

A Healthier Way To Sit

When you sit in a conventional chair your pelvis tucks under, causing your lumbar spine to bend forward.

This compresses the front of the lumbar vertebrae, squeezing the disks between. The disks become irritated and inflamed, leading to the pain so many of us feel when we sit for extended periods.

NuChair eliminates this compression, so you can sit as long as you want!

It's Not Magic. It's Science.

The NuChair Difference

Instant Relief → No Back Pain → Better Health

This Chair Is Fantastic!

Before the NuChair I had some upper back pain. I noticed this chair lets me sit more upright, gives me good chest support, and it made my back pain go away! In a very short time I could tell a huge difference once I started using NuChair. Posture-wise and back pain-wise, all for the better. If you've been looking for a chair to help with back pain, NuChair is THE ANSWER for you!

- Dr. Kyle Sharp, dentist, Fort Smith, AR

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Customize cover material, color, seat size, and riser style!

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