NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

NuChair - Vegan Leather (Vinyl)

Our Vegan Leather is a durable and stain resistant high-performance Vinyl. Antibacterial and antimicrobial treated, it is suitable for healthcare environments and other public uses where frequent cleaning and disinfecting is required.

NuChair is the first chair to relieve back pain by eliminating the cause of the pain, by maintaining your standing posture while you sit. Comfortably. Effortlessly. Automatically. Don't live another day with the pain, it's not worth it. Order your NuChair today!

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Color: Navy Blue
American Beauty
Size: Small/Medium
Riser Style "(front pad)": Standard riser

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NuChair Benefits

NuChair eliminates sitting back pain by maintaining your standing POSTURE, from you head down to your pelvis, while you are sitting. Comfortably and effortlessly. No other chair design does this.

Total relief. No back pain. Better health!

Yes, better health. Your posture in NuChair expands your lungs, promoting deeper breathing, This results in increased energy, alertness, and immunity. And you'll recover faster from workouts too.

NuChair Benefits

Fully Adjustable & Easy to Use!

Using NuChair is as easy as any regular office or gaming chair. There are 3 levers underneath the seat that adjust height, front support, and seat angle. It only takes a few seconds to adjust your NuChair for the most comfortable and healthy sitting experience you'll ever have!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Tamara Woolley (Nephi, UT)
Saved my back

I love the NuChair. I noticed a difference in the way my back felt immediately. I would recommend this to anyone who has to sit all day in their job. I’m a permanent makeup artist and this chair is made very well, of great material, and very sturdy. The adjustment features are great, especially since I’m under 5’. It’s hard to find a chair that fits me well lol.

Stormy Summer (Fort Collins, CO)

Absolutely amazing! The quality of the chair is superb.


Hard to sit on if hip or back issues material very scratchy

A.L. (Richmond, CA)
It was a journey but now loving it

First, my initial review of this chair was negative. I had researched the chair and others on the market for six months. I was hopeful, after communicating with Mike at Nu Chair, that it would work for me (esp since my old chair was falling apart, literally, pieces of the fake leather seat were flaking all over our home, and the arms were so wobbly, I am quite sure the screws had become stripped). When it arrived, the box was torn, part of the high riser lift was sticking out of the side, and the top was also crushed in the move. So, I felt stuck; if I could not adjust, I could not send it back (given the original box's shape). I read on Nu Chair's website to give myself two weeks to settle into the chair, which I did. The first two weeks were not good. I felt at times nauseous, and my pinched nerve, then my lower and upper back, were in a lot of pain. My husband and I considered buying a new desk since the height of my old one and the chair seemed to be causing a lot of issues, and I noted that the desk we have in our living room did not give me the same problems as the one I used during the day. We did not find a desk that would work and returned home empty-handed. I was very depressed because the chair was an investment when one factors the price. I would not be able to return it, and I had hoped to find something that would work for me, especially since I am not tall and the Nu Chairs riser feature allowed me to sit with both feet on the floor. My husband then suggested using the riser feature to raise and lower the chair depending on which desk I was sitting at. After a week of doing this, I found one day, after sitting there for a considerable amount of time, that for the first time, I did not have any pain.
Since then, I have also found when doing my aerobics that my lower back on the right side, which always hurt during one exercise, has not been giving me as much pain, and sometimes none at all. I do not know if it is the result of Nu Chair, but this has been a more than pleasant surprise. I encourage anyone who buys the chair to give it more than two weeks to adjust and to play with the features to see what works for you. I want to add that the chair is extremely well-made, and I can see it lasting for at least fifteen years.
Further, Mike at Nu Chair, who helped answer questions, was very professional and helpful and never pressured me. If I have one thing to suggest, it would be to package it better in terms of how it is put in the box and shipped. If the chair had not worked out for me, I would have had to sell it on eBay or elsewhere. Considering the shape it arrived in, I feel lucky that it was not damaged in the move. Overall, though, I am very pleased and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chair to alleviate back pain (especially if you need the ability to adjust the seat to accommodate your size or height).

Katherine Leeper (Ankeny, IA)
Best chair around

I’m a tattoo artist and I can say this chair is saving me. I was previously using another ergonomic chair that was a saddle seat. It really did a number to my hips and low back. The second I sat in the Nuchair I felt instant relief. It keeps me in a neutral
Position and takes all the pressure off my hips and low back. I can be in it all day long and not be sore. I love how versatile it is with its positioning options and it is super easy to clean. Thank you!!

Thank you so much Katherine for your amazing review, we're so blessed to help. I've heard that many times about the saddle chairs, that input was used during NuChair's development stage. We wanted a seat you could sit in all day and not feel any 'hot spots' or pain. Please send us some photos, we''ll mention you in our social media posts!