NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

Why NuChair?

Here's why NuChair relieves back pain, and is better for your posture and overall health.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Sit?

Your back wasn't made for this

When you sit in a conventional chair your pelvis tucks under, causing your lumbar spine to bend forward.

This compresses the front of the lumbar vertebrae, squeezing the disks between. The disks become irritated and inflamed, leading to the pain so many of us feel when we sit for extended periods.

NuChair eliminates this compression, so you can sit as long as you want!

How Does NuChair Reduce Back Pain?

To put it in simplest terms possible, NuChair maintains your standing posture while you sit. It does so comfortably, effortlessly, and automatically.

It eliminates the cause of back pain associated with extended sitting.

Experience The NuChair Difference

Instant Relief → No Back Pain → Better Health

NuChair Reduces Back Pain
NuChair Improves Your Sitting Posture
NuChair Lets You Sit Comfortably For Longer
NuChair Has Deep Breathing Health Benefits

Deep (Diaphragmatic) Breathing

NuChair improves your sitting posture and, by doing that, decompresses your lungs. This enables deep (diaphragmatic) breathing which leads to greater oxygenation of blood and has a ton of health benefits!

‣ Lowers heart rate, blood pressure, helps you relax

‣ Reduces inflammation, improves digestion, detoxifies the body

‣ Increases energy, improves focus and productivity

‣ Reduces stress levels, improves immunity, and more!

What The Experts Are Saying

Have A Good Life With Less Pain

"NuChair is a wonderful new concept of how to sit while maintaining proper alignment of your lower back."

Dr. Amit is one of many DPTs that has tried NuChair and will be integrating it into a comprehensive therapeutic program where indicated.

More Than Just Pain Relief

"NuChair adds some serious health benefits by promoting deep, diaphragmatic breathing, which leads to greater oxygenation of the blood."

The list of benefits is extensive, including lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, and improving alertness.