NuChair is perfect for anyone who sits for long hours at home or at work!

Freedom From The Pain

Tired of awful back or neck pain when you're sitting? NuChair relieves the pain by eliminating the cause of the pain. Comfortably. Effortlessly. Automatically.

That's because NuChair maintains your standing posture, from your head down to your pelvis, while you sit. So your spine stays in neutral posture. You feel like you're sitting on a cloud.

Be more productive, finish strong and alert, and sit as long as you want, without pain!

What Makes NuChair Different?

First, NuChair’s seat is positioned to maintain your neutral pelvic angle, letting you sit with your body’s ideal posture.  Conventional ergonomic chairs offer lumbar support, sometimes with fancy names and features, but they all require one thing – you have to lay down in them to get support, moving you back and away from your work.  NuChair properly positions your lumbar automatically, while you're forward and fully engaged.

Second, NuChair replaces the conventional back support with a front support, taking the strain off your back. Everything you do while sitting is in front of you, and leaning or reaching forward causes strain on your spine and back muscles. NuChair eliminates that strain while strengthening your posture. Whoever made the first chair got it backwards!

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Who is NuChair For?

Short answer: everyone who sits, ever

Office workers

Do you spend a long time in the office sitting at a desk or computer? Working from home? NuChair will relieve the pain and fatigue, and you'll finish the day with energy and enthusiasm.


Tattoo Artists, PMU and Cosmetic Artists, Digital Artists, the list is long. You spend hours leaning over your work with no support. NuChair's seat angle and front support saves your back. Earn more $$ by losing less time due to back pain and fatigue. Extend your career!


Whether you're looking to reduce back pain, improve your posture, or just live a healthier life, NuChair will help. NuChair will strengthen your posture for when you're not sitting too. That means less back problems, enhanced wellness, an overall life improvement!


Dentists, Medical and Lab Technologists, Accountants, Paralegals, the list goes on. Back pain is an occupational hazard for you. NuChair will comfort your back and keep you more focused and productive.


Conquer those long sessions. Lean in and feel more engaged. NuChair will keep you sharper and more alert even after hours of play. Get the competitive edge!

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