Shipping Information

All NuChairs are currently built-to-order which means there is an inevitable delay between an order being placed and an order getting shipped out.
The current expected shipping delay is 2-3 weeks after order.

Shipping Destination  Approximate Delivery Time Shipping Fee

Contiguous United States

1-4 business days FREE
Alaska (U.S) 5-7 business days Varies with location
Hawaii (U.S) 5-7 business days Varies with location
Canada 2-12 business days $60 flat fee
Other countries Please contact us Varies

**The delivery times listed above are from the time of pickup by the shipping company, not from the date of order.  There may be delays, as listed above.

**International sales may incur taxes and duties from the receiving country, usually brokered by the shipping company, and is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Return costs for failure to pay these fees will be passed on to the purchaser.


Warranty Information

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality and longevity of our product. Every NuChair is covered by the industry-leading 5-year warranty. With proper use and maintenance, your NuChair will keep you in proper sitting posture and relieve back pain for decades to come!

NuChair Warranty


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